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What does Mavacon Power Metering?

power metering

All data is displayed in real time and converted into structured and clear diagrams. The benchmark function allows you to plan equally your energy footprint as well as filtering out the worst energetic properties to work specifically on the energy optimization.

For effective and customized energy controlling the tool is a leader in user experience, analytical skills, performance and flexibility!

For everyone the right solution

Customization and clear grouping for small businesses, large companies with multiple locations or for public buildings. Sehen Sie auch unsere Fallbeispiele für: Ladengeschäfte, Bürogebäude und Industrieanlagen.

small companys for small businesses

large businesses for large companies




The user receives an accurate graphical representation of the current operating data (such as electricity, water, gas, temperatures, etc.).



The software processes, thanks to HTTPS protocol, all data secure and confidential.

online tool

Online tool

The user can access the information in any web browser.



The software can be viewed easily from any internet-enabled computer, tablet and smartphone.

Quick overview

  • Visualizes efficiency and performance of the consumed energy
  • Reduces energy consumption and increases savings
  • Discovers vulnerabilities and maintenance, before problems arise
  • Shows behavioral patterns and allows to optimize the energy efficiency


  • energy dashboard

    Energy cockpit

    Quick overview of the collected energy levels and provides energy and facility managers with detailed performance and operating information.



    Detailed, central overview of the energy consumption of a single or multiple locations.

    time table

    Period of time

    Past, current and forecast data on energy sectors and trades on the buildings up to the exact total consumption of all detected objects.

    dashboard-overview Screenshot: Dashboard-Overview

  • real-time data

    Real-time consumption data

    The performance indicator reflects the actual consumption data in real time.

    analysis software

    Analysis tools

    Provides the ability to analyze individual circuits during a certain period, so that wasted energy, consumption or irregularities can be determined precisely.

    data export

    Data export

    The data can also be easily exported to third-party users or interact directly through the open API.

    temperature dependency

    Temperature dependency

    Allows users to view the consumption data per specific location and circuit and to correlate with the ambient or external temperature.

    heat map

    Heat map

    Displays by heatmap the energy consumption and displays it visually to make unusualness in energy consumption immediately visible.

    climatic independence

    Climatic independence

    Normalized energy consumption with weather data and other site-specific parameters. Weather-adjusted to compare the efficiency between sites and systems.

    performanceoverview Screenshot: Device-Overview

    perfmance overview Screenshot: Heat-Map-Overview

  • rules


    The user can easily automate complex and rule-based events and alerts through energy patterns, status and thresholds and therefore trigger everyday processes.



    Different types of predefined alerts can be triggered as soon as a threshold or a combination of threshold and temperature is met.



    Alarms can be sent via SMS, email or HTTP post notifications to the appropriate persons.

    alert operations centre Screenshot: Alert Operations Centre

  • protocol


    Detailed information on the energy consumption of individual and multiple sites as well as the alarm history can be retrieved for further processing in large reports, exported, and printed automatically.


    Send reports

    Automatically generated reports can be saved for a predefined schedule for users across the enterprise or sent by e-mail.

    reporting Screenshot: Reports-Overview

  • rule-based

    Rule-based access control

    The software includes a rights-based access control, so that logics, physical location informations, electrical hierarchies as well as action terminations and much more, can be stored and saved only by authorized personnel.


    Rated platform for companies

    The application was designed to host hundreds of thousands of sensors and circuits through a modular and scalable structure in the cloud. You can manage and support thousands of locations globally and in real time.


    Backup and update management

    All data will be back-uped and are available in the archive. The update intervals can be chosen according to need.


An open API and out-of-the-box adapters allow the integration of third party applications, such as billing systems like, SAP®, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft, Infor, Johnson Controls, Evon XAMControl, Copadata zenon, ODOO, etc. or bus systems such as KNX, DALI, Smart-Bus, G4 bus, DMX, etc. It can also transfer and import data from smart meters and other environmental sensors.

johnson controls
g4 bus
dmx bus

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